About Harmony Ent.

Rock Music School in Bury Manchester

About Harmony Ent. Music Academy

We make a lot of noise about music. We live it, breathe it, play it, listen to it, learn about it, teach it and argue about it – it’s just the way we are.

We’re all musicians at Harmony Ent. Music Academy. We’ve got the finest, most talented bunch of tutors around ready to help you become the very best musician you can be.

They’re experts at what they do. They’ve learned the hard way, made the mistakes and come out the other side rocking. Now they’re ready to pass on their knowledge and skill so you can go the same way (without the mistakes!).

It doesn’t matter how old you are or your level of ability, whether you’re into bass, acoustic or electric guitar, drums or vocals, we know you can be great. We’re dedicated and passionate about music at Harmony Ent. Music Academy. We’ve helped a lot of people get started on their musical journey.

For those about to rock. We salute you. There are no finer folk out there than you.

For more information call us on 07907 211 496 or contact us online